LM-80 Drive Electronics

LM-80 Drive Electronics LM-80 Drive Electronics VEKTREX

LM-80 Drive Electronics

Drive/power electronics for LM-80 testing form the foundation for successful testing.  Selecting the best drive electronics is a very important decision.  

Drive Electronics Cabinet
Drive Electronics Cabinet

Selection criteria for your LM-80 drive/power electronics should include the following:

LM-80-08 Testing Requirements

  • Constant Current (DC mode)   (yes, with SpikeSafe current source; user selectable currents)
  • Pulse mode current (allowed LM-08-15)  (yes with SpikeSafe current source; user selectable currents and pulse settings)
  • Current accuracy less than 3%  (yes. SpikeSafe current source accuracy is less than 1%)
  • Temperature measurement monitoring and data logging (thermocouple – special limits wire) (yes)
  • Alternate temperature measurement monitoring techniques – RTD or thermistor (yes)
  • Minimum 6,000 hours test time (10,000 recommended)  (SpikeSafe MTBF 10,000 hours)
  • Duration timers set by operators stop testing and alert users that it is time for light measurements
  • Test Timing Uncertainty for the software application must be calculated to ensure minimum testing is achieved (yes)
  • RH less than 65%
  • AC ripple less than 2% (yes, with SpikeSafe current source)
  • NVLAP Self Certification
  • LM-80 audit (Vektrex systems have been successfully audited and are in use in many countries)

Other criteria for selection of your LM-80 drive / power electronics

  • Is the system constructed from high quality components?
  • What is the uptime and MTBF?
  • What is the Energy Efficiency?
  • Does the system include safety mechanisms for operators and devices?
  • What is the worldwide installation base?
  • Does the system meet the LM-80 Specifications?
  • Is the system NVLAP auditable?
  • Does the software support the test requirements?
  • Does the software include management functions that simplify test management?
  • Are you able to easily detect test anomalies?
  • Is the system scaleable and modular?
  • Does the system support a large voltage and current range ?

Vektrex LM-80 drive electronics are based upon industry standard SpikeSafe modules.

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